Rahul || Kumar

Dec 23 2012

SnapChat Privacy “Hole”

Ever curious who someone might be messaging or using SnapChat with? You no longer need to be curious (unless you want to see the picture or video they sent too in which case you’re shit out of luck) but downloading and trying the app, I noticed something interesting: you can see who one messages the most in the app without even needing to be their friend or adding them.

1. Find username of an individual you are curious about.

2. Open your browser.

3. Type in snapchat.com/<insert username of user here>

    i.e. snapchat.com/rkrishnakumar

4. You can see their list of “Best Friends”, or people they message often.

Alternatively, you can open the app, click My Friends, click on the name from the list of users, which will open up Safari on your iPhone and show you who any given users “Best Friends” are.

Though this isn’t a hole per se, since SnapChat makes this pretty accessible, I find it concerning that anyone who is not even a close friend of mine could see who I message often by merely entering my username into the web address. I think I’ll stick to Facebook Poke while I’m at it.

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